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To make flipping to Fun-Schooling easier Sarah and I have created some bundles.

Each bundle has a Core Journal. This is your child’s main journal. Have him/her check out books from the library, use books from your home library, or purchase books from used book stores and/or Amazon. Have your child collect at least 8-9 books; books that he’s interested in. Each Core Journal has a page for your child to fill out with his likes and interests. What does he want to learn about?

Check out books on science, history, themes, etc. make sure to get some with pictures too – yes, even older children and teens need some picture books, especially visual learners!

The journals give children the freedom to learn what they are interested in with some delight directed guidance.

Core Journals can be used daily or 2-3 times a week.

Most bundles will include a spelling, math, and writing journal. Have your child use the spelling journal on the days that he is not using his Core Journal and on the days the Core Journal doesn’t cover spelling. Writing Journals can be used once or twice a week.


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